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Photography & Video Services from the Air and on the Ground

Presenting in Pixels is a San Jose based Multimedia company providing Drone Photography Services, Photography, 3D Virtual tours for Businesses and Business promotion, throughout Northern California.

We provide photography services including

  • Drone Photography
  • HDR Photography
  • 3D Virtual tours (Matterport)
  • Editing services

The use of images and videos for business marketing, promotion, inspection, documentation and verification is growing at a fast clip and the consumption of video and image promotion and advertising on mobile and desktop is expanding every year. Google search is still very much text based (and very effective) but on social media (FB, Instagram, Snap) it takes a quality image or preferably a quality short video to attract and hold a viewer’s attention. Presenting in Pixels has now become a one stop shop for your image capture and video creation, we can supply the finished product or work with your existing agencies and stakeholders to supply them with the footage needed to complete the project.

The addition of solid, stable high quality drone platforms with advanced image and scanning capabilities has further expanded the appeal of video for marketing and advertising as well as for a growing list of inspection services for businesses and above ground utilities. All of our drone flying is under the control of our licensed remote pilots, we train on and use the latest high quality professional and prosumer drones and camera systems from DJI and provide the following services:

  • Business Promotion
  • Commercial & Residential Real Estate Marketing
  • Custom Drone Photography
  • HDR Photography
  • Advertising Video Creation
  • Drone Video for businesses Portfolio Marketing 
  • Construction Industry Documentation Services
  • Drone Inspection services
  • Custom Videos for business websites
  • Litigation Preparation

Presenting in Pixels is a Matterport Service Partner, we provide virtual tour services for commercial and residential real estate industries as well as for business advertising and promotion throughout northern California. Virtual tours were originally adopted by realtors for residential resale and they are now expanding to retail, restaurants, hospitality and beyond as an excellent tool for showcasing your business to first time visitors and online searchers. The tour allows you to engage a visitors get them to spend some time on your website and provides you with the opportunity to turn that visitor into a customer.

We look forward to serving your Photography, Drone & Matterport needs going forward and if you have a project you would like to discuss in more detail, please contact us by phone or email and we will be glad to assist.

A Note About Website Images & File Sizes

Websites and big file sizes. Full size images are generally associated with big file sizes. The larger a file size is the longer it will take a to load (especially with slower connections). Page load speed is a ranking factor which has to be considered as part of Google search engine optimization. Catch 22, you want to show high quality images but you also want your website to rank well (all other factors been equal) so most images on this site have had the file size reduced to improve loading times. If you would like to see certain images at full file size, contact us and we will be happy to assist.

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