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Images, both video and still are now a very important element in business Advertising, Marketing and promotional campaigns. These images can be framed and tailored to suit the medium that you want to use.  Drone Photography is very much an up and coming options for these projects. Quality images from new angles can showcase your projects, especially your larger projects which can benefit from a higher angle and setback to capture the entire project from elevation.

Presenting in Pixels has had great success working with stakeholders on construction projects design to showcase the scope of the projects and the capabilities of the customers organization.

See below for some samples.

  • Drone Photography

  • HDR Photography

  • Project Planning

  • Logistics

  • Contractors Liaision

  • Video Creation & Editing

Enviroplex, Livermore, Ca

Enviroplex is a subsidiary of McGrath Rentcorp and among some of the products it has a line of daylight Classrooms which are modular, constructed off site and then delivered (via oversized load) and installed on previously engineered foundations at the customers location.

Presenting is Pixels was approached with a concept to create a video which tracked the entire project including construction, delivery and installation of the classrooms and the construction of the foundations for La Honda elementary school. This was a multi-day project shot on location in Stockton, La Honda and during delivery on Hwy 1 and Hwy 84 West of La Honda. Considerable planning and logistics were involved as there were many staff and stakeholders that needed to be in the loop. Some sections were single camera & Drone operator and others days we had a team in place at specific locations to capture the shot on the one time it was available.

All Drone Photography was shot be Presenting in Pixels staff in November and December all editing and video creation was PIP in-house.

San Mateo sheriff was in the loop, we obtained permission from the La Honda School District to fly over the school during school hours.

La Honda Elementary School

Normandin Chrysler Plymouth, San Jose, Ca

Normandin Chrysler Plymouth is one of the Premier and oldest auto dealerships in San Jose, located on Capitol Expy.

They were in the process of updating their website and were looking for some video and images both external and internal to showcase their Capital Expressway location and the quality facilities online for their ever expanding customer base. Presenting in Pixels was approached with the concept, as we well as an overview of the message ownership would like to convey and over several dealership meetings and some test runs we hashed out a shoot plan and schedule to help convey the message.

We had two days shooting on site including exterior Drone Photography (video & stills), HDR Photography, Interior Drone video of the showroom and the service department. Drone video of the building as well as the Jeep in action (expertly driver by Fleet Manager: James Mulder). The finished video was then supplied to the web company, who edited the images as required and integrated them into the new website.

Web address to view the completed work :

Normandin Chrysler Sample Video

This is a sample video created following our test day at Normandin, they video was used to convey framing, angles, lighting and take words and turn them into images in preparation for our shoot day.

Glenbrook Apartments, Cupertino, Ca – Promotional Video

A large well established apartment complex in Cupertino, CA.
Presenting in Pixels was contracted to provide two videos of the complex as part of a website promotional campaign.

Over several meetings with ownership and management, we discussed project concept, deliverables and logistics involved for a shoot that
would be going on while apartments were occupied and construction and renovations were in progress across the complex.

Over two shoot days involving drone, ground camera and custom audio we captured the necessary creative and then set to work
producing the custom videos with graphics and audio to draft form and then a final product and customer sign off.

W.L. Butler Inc

W.L Butler is one of California’s leading mid-sized General Contractors, with an enviable construction track record across multiple Industries. One of those industries is education.

Presenting in Pixels was contracted by WL Butler to provide Drone video and stills of the Stream Building at Woodside Priority School, Woodside CA. The purpose of the footage was to provide unique viewpoints and angles to be used as part of the project portfolio for business marketing purposes.  WL Butler has it own in -house web and graphics team so out job was to provide the footage that would be edited inhouse for use on the webpage. Its a school, which means a lot of activity, we previewed the site in Mid-December as construction was finishing up and then we were able to find a break in the weather during school holidays to shoot the project.

The shoot schedule called for high overview shots to showcase the Architecture, Design and Construction as well as drone flights inside the building just before move in to showcase interior details and natural lighting.

The completed work was provided to WL Butler and their internal staff created the portfolio video to their specifications, that video is on the right.

Woodside Priory School, Stream Building