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Commercial Real Estate Marketing

Presenting in Pixels provides marketing services for Commercial Real Estate Agencies.

Marketing a large commercial real estate listing has plenty of challenges, you have limited space and budget to get you message across, yet that message has to resonate with multiple different stakeholders across specific industries and specific companies.

Your listing needs to convey the quality of the building and or campus, to multiple parties in an organization all of whom have specific goals.  A drone video can be an excellent start, used to showcase the property, its surroundings, engage viewers and get them to take a deeper looker at the listing.

Sample video is the initial Drone video for 3403 Yerba Buena Rd, San Jose. 40 Acre Campus, with over 400,000 Square feet of space.

3403 Yerba Buena Rd, San Jose

Commercial Real Estate Marketing – Sample Slideshow

Commercial real estate projects, especially larger ones call for talents from multiple disciplines. Presenting in Pixels has a team suited to the project, we can operate as a one man show on smaller projects and on larger projects we can bring in a team with specific segment focus, be it HDR Photography, Drone Photography, 3D Virtual tours.