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Eye in the Sky – Drones in Preservation

Andy Kettle, Presenting in Pixels founder and president was one of the panel speakers at the Eye in the Sky workshop at California Preservation Foundation annual conference in Palo Alto, May 2018.

My areas of discussions around the theme of Drones in Preservation included current and near future drone technology, drones as a service business, drone photography and Part 107.

Powerpoint presentation below, available for download.

You Tube video to accompany the presentation

Sheraton Palo Alto Drone Demo Day #1

California Preservation Foundation Drone Dem Day Sheraton Palo Alto

CFP Drone Demo Day 2018 #2

CPF Palo alto 2018 - Drone Demo Day

CPF Drone Demo Day 2018 #3

Drone Photography Services for Architects Bay Area

CPF Drone Demo Day 2018 #4

CPF Drone Demo Day Sheraton Palo Alto May 18