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Damage Assessment Following a Major Incident

Following a major incident the quicker you can obtain an accurate view of the relevant damage, the quicker you can begin the recovery stage. In a situation where you have restricted access and multiple stakeholders an initial photographic and video assessment by Drone or UAV can be of great assistance in starting and tracking the next steps to recovery.

In the example below, presenting in pixels was contacted by the City of Vallejo to fly and inspect the damage caused to the City of Vallejo watershed by the Atlas Fire, which swept thru the Wild Horse Canyon area in Oct 17.  The water department needed to provide an update to various departments, staff and outside agencies so they could begin to assess and undertake repairs. Access to the area in question of approx 1100 acres was still difficult as the location was remote, rugged and infrastructure repair to power and phone were still in progress. A Drone (UAV) with a HDR camera, flown from 3 locations provided the video images which were compiled to provide relevant staff and stakeholders with the visuals required so that could begin their work.

Atlas Fire Damage Assessment, City of Vallejo

  • Quality Images

  • Video & Stills

  • Faster Communication with Stakeholders

  • FAA Part 107 License

  • CAL/OSHA 10 Hour Cardholder

  • TWIC Cardholder

  • Remote Projects

  • Hard to access areas

  • Fast Image Turnaround

  • Minimum Disruption

  • Self Sufficient for off Grid Projects

Still Photos from Napa Fire Damage Assessment