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Matterport for the Building Industry

Matterport for Construction Documentation

3D scans for Construction As-Builts, Documentation, Milestones and Maintenance.

Matterport 3D camera scan is a latest generation 3D tool for project documentation on Commercial and Residential building projects.


Fast accurate scanning with minimum disruption to production. Files are uploaded and cloud processed within 24hs for most project. The resulting tours is then available via a weblink for viewing by all required parties. Improved information transfer and project collaboration keep the project moving faster and keep overall costs down.


Use a Matterport scan to record as-builts and milestones, scan all framing, wiring and plumbing runs before sheetrock. This scan can also be marked up with additional notes and information if required. Once sheetrock or coverings are installed the prior scan can be reference by the contactor to determine relevant cut and do not cut locations.


When the project is complete and occupied the as-built scan can be used to verify wiring, plumbing runs etc to improve the turnaround time and reduce repairs times and costs if a maintenance problem occurs.

  • 3D Virtual Tours for Documentation

  • As-Built Documentation

  • Milestone Tracking

  • Fast Turnaround

  • Minimum Project Disruption

Sample Scans

These scans were processed and left in manual mode. You can navigate thru the project, zoom in on detail as needed or just focus on overview. The scans will remain online on Matterport servers, but you can download still and 360 images anytime as needed.

From a security or ip aspect, the tour can be either public or private and switched between  those setting as needed. In private mode the tour can only be viewed by those with specific account level access.

Sample Still Images

This is a slideshow of sample still images to demonstrate image quality available. These images can be pulled from the tour anytime after processing.