This portfolio represents a sample of our recently completed projects in Video and Still across a wide range of Industries and locations. If you have a project you would like to discuss in more detail, contact us and we will be more than happy to assist.

The Lodge At The Presidio, San Francisco

A January morning at the Presidio in San Francisco on behalf of The Architectural Resources Group of San Francisco in conjunction with David Wakely Photography and The Presidio Trust. Several months of planning, paperwork, flight approvals and the weather gods deliver a prefect day for a spectacular location.

It was meant to be.

It is not everyday you get to fly at a location steeped in history, with a backdrop that is known the world over.

The Lodge At The Presidio – Video

The Lodge At The Presidio – Stills

Enviroplex, Livermore, CA

Multi-day multi-location shoot from Stockton to Hwy 1 and La Honda. A portfolio video for Enviroplex design to track a project from concept, thru site preperation, building delivery and initial installation.

This project for Enviroplex (Part of the McGrath Rentcorp group) involved considerable planning and liaison with internal stakeholders as well as external stakeholders including La Honda school district, transport and delivery companies, La Honda Elementary School Neighbors among others.

The project involved some live shots, which were only going to be available once. Days ranged from single man operation to teams with multiple drones photographers as well as HDR photographers on the ground.

All editing and video creation was completed in-house by Presenting in Pixels.

La Honda Elementary School – Video

La Honda Elementary School – Stills

City of Half Moon Bay

This is a snapshot of a construction tracking project for the City of Half Moon Bay, covering the main library.  We are compiling still and video images on a regular basis so that project stakeholders, interested parties and residents of Half Moon Bay and surrounding communities can track and follow progress in preparation for opening day. Images are uploaded to a shared folder within 24 hours of the shoot.

Presenting in Pixels obtained a City of Half of Moon Bay business licence and in accordance with Part 107 rules, we drop in and notify the adjacent school (as well as supplying our contact details) before and after every flight.

Main Library – Video

Main Library – Stills

Everest Properties, Berkeley, Ca

A house move (literally) thru Berkeley over some 2 miles. Weekend Project. The house had been removed from its foundations and had a custom trailer built under it in preparation for transport. Presenting in Pixels was contacted by Everest Properties to record the move for posterity sake and to demonstrate the amount of teamwork involved in executing a project of this size.

The move took approx 9 hours, we were on site before dawn and ready to go with a team including Drone Photographer, HDR Photographer and back up staff. We worked with the various team members including Berkeley PD as we negotiated city street closures, above ground power and communications and capture the final delivery of the house to its new location. We were able to capture the entire process, live from above and edit the video to customer specifications and supply the finish product on schedule.

Berkeley House Move – Video

Berkeley House Move – Still Images

Orchard Commercial & CBRE

3403 Yerba Buena Rd, San Jose, Class A Office and R&D Facility located in South San Jose. Over 400,000 Square Feet of Office and Laboratories on 40 acre campus. 4 Floors, outdoor terrace, separate restaurant facilities. Presenting in Pixels was contracted to assist CBRE in the Marketing of one of the largest Campus locations in South San Jose. The drone was an excellent tool for the project as it was able to capture the entire Campus as well as showcase detail and capture the campus in relation to the City of San Jose.

The entire project (covered here) involved Drone Video, Drone Stills, 3D Virtual tours of over 100,000 Square feet of Office, Lobby and Labs on multiple floors, HDR photography interior and exterior, all combined to provide a property showcase on the CBRE website here .

3403 Yerba Buena Rd, San Jose, CA

3403 Yerba Buena Rd – Stills

City of Vallejo

This was a damage assessment project for the City of Vallejo Water Department following the Atlas Fire in October 17.

The north bay fires of 2017 caused severe damage to housing and infrastructure in the affected areas. This project demonstrates how quality drone photography can be used to provide timely information and be cost effective. Presenting in Pixels was contacted by the City of Vallejo water department to provide video and still images of a burn area which was remote, hard to accesses and at the same time important to the city. We spend sometime planning the shoot and met with City of Vallejo staff for access on the day. We spend the day on site, sled sufficient with our own power and no cell phone coverage. The images were compiles and supplied to the City within 48 hrs for review.

The information we provided was supplied to stakeholders inside and outside the organization (some 30 people) and they were able to view and assess the damage without leaving the office. The location was remote and was still having power, telecoms and infrastructure restored during this project, the roads were open and the airspace was open but one day of drone flights was far easier and much more cost effective to organize then getting all stakeholders on a schedule where they could visit the location on the same day or across multiple days to review.

Wild Horse Canyon, City Of Vallejo Watershed

City of Vallejo – Stills