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Drone Photography for Residential Real Estate

Residential real estate both new and resale is an industry segment where the right property can really benefit from quality photography both at ground level and aerial work to highlight the property and the surrounding neighborhood.

Drones have provided the ability to put a property in the context of its surroundings in a cost effective manner and to allow you to create a visual story around that property. The end results of that should be greater engagement by the online viewer and with a quality web and lead gen system in place, the ability to turn that viewer from an online customer into an in-person customer.

Drone photography on its own is not going to generate the entire story, depending on your budget it is going to part a quality production which will provide the raw material necessary to tell the entire story visually.

Drone still images from residential real estate projects

A sample of some drone photography images from some recent residential real estate projects throughout the bay area and northern California.